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I was trained as a biochemist, pathologist and physician and decided to specialize in the practice of regenerative medicine when I started my private practice in 1978. At that time we called it “wholistic medicine” and I had the first CAM medical clinic in the western half of the USA. Initially we only had supplements and intravenous chelation and vitamin C plus adrenal cortical extracts.  From 1978 to about 1990 my practice involved caring for a great many people, most of which had tried standard medical approaches and had not improved, or who had experienced adverse reactions to standard therapies. In 1988 I bought my first hard shell hyperbaric oxygen chamber and began treating folks with a variety of medical conditions. In 1991 I treated Dorothy C. who was about to be admitted to a local hospital Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for the treatment of an acute stroke. When her daughter called me and asked what to do I told her to check her mom out of the hospital against medical advice and bring her to me via ambulance. She was semi-comatose when she arrived but thanks to my wholistic approach to the problem she walked herself out of my clinic within 24 hours, virtually “back from the land of the dying” This illustrated that it was possible to turn someone around in the grips of death with the calculated use of oxygen, chelation, magnetic therapy, and vitamins and minerals. I began to specialize in stroke rehabilitation because of the success that I was having with these cases that no one else had been able to help. Unfortunately, hyperbaric oxygen therapy often could only restore a stroke patient partially leaving them asking for more help.  It was their pleas for help that drove me to into the world of stem cells.

Stem Cell Journey

In 2000 I started sending patients to Mexico for stem cell therapy where such treatments were legal.  I conferred with the patients and advised them and the Mexican doctors on how to treat my patients and in 2005-6 took some of the many impressive, positive outcomes and weaved them into the first lay-level   book on stem cell therapy titled “Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy” (2006, Basic Health Publications).  I began doing bone marrow stem cell treatments in 2006 and have done approximately 1500 of these procedures to-date with no side effects, complications or ill effects. The worst thing that has cropped up is “no change”, the outgrowth of the fact that in some situations the bone marrow stem cells are not healthy or vital enough to bring about bodily healing.
During these years I built my own stem cell lab so that I could better analyze what I was seeing in my clinic and what was going on with my patients. One of my research projects was to develop an oral stem cell mobilizer and proliferation promoting product that would help support the health of the people struggling with the aches and pains that typically arise with aging.
One of the ingredients my lab crew looked at were different types of dietary brown seaweeds consumed in Asia that contain an interesting substance called fucoidan. Published research had revealed that this compound and some of its relatives mobilize stem cells and were linked to a number of positive effects.  For three years we carefully analyzed all of the brown seaweeds we could find anywhere in the world for their stem cell mobilizing and proliferating properties.  From those studies we picked the top four and combined them into my all-natural formula subsequently dubbed “Stemgevity™”.

Stem Cell Mobilizer

As the mood-modulating element lithium had been found to have stem cell mobilizing properties I decided to include this as well after determining a safe, optimal dose.  It turned out that even at a very low dose lithium has some powerful anti-inflammatory effects on users.  Of course the fucoidans also are anti-inflammatory so what happened was that my new formula turned out to be better than I had anticipated since the combination of fucoidans, lithium and other compounds packed a powerful anti-inflammatory punch as well as stem cell mobilizing and proliferating activity.
My lab crew and I next decided to compare our product with others on the market and found that in 20 volunteers taking only one capsule per day their blood stem cell counts went up by 300% in one week’s time (in some instances). The least amount of increase was 40% with the average around 120%.  Since these were all young people with no health problems nothing was reported by these subjects in terms of noticeable health effects.  Over the past three years I have received an incredible number of thank you letters from people taking my product concerning the benefits they have experienced.  This response is underscored by the fact that users are dropping by my clinic and buying cases of Stemgevity™ to give away to their friend and relatives, something I have never seen happen with any other product in my arsenal of natural supplements.  At times Stemgevity ™ fans have actually cornered me in my waiting room and insisted on telling me about their success with the product.  Joint pains disappear within one or two weeks in many users, energy levels go up, mental clarity increases, etc., etc., etc.  There is one side effect that can occur and this is fatigue. I determined that when this occurs the product is just having too powerful an effect on the individual, something easily remedied by halting use of it until normal energy levels return followed by taking Stemgevity™ at half the previous dose. For those taking only one capsule daily this means opening it up, emptying out ½ of the ingredients and then recapping and taking the reassembled capsule. In rare instances in which fatigue returns lowering the dose to a ¼ capsule per day typically does the trick. This situation only occurs in about 5% of users with the rest of us experiencing only good things.
Most people could actually take an entire bottle at one time and experience no side effects other than a stomachache from woofing down all those capsules!  What I typically recommend is that individual users start with one Stemgevity™ capsule at night and if no problems are seen after one week then increase the dose to two capsules daily. If one capsule produces enhanced feelings of wellness and eliminates all aches and pains then staying on that dose is obviously indicated. People should experiment with various doses to help determine which one produces the greatest health benefits.
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