Effective Treatment for Arthritis!

John Carr was a college wrestler who wound up with such severe bursitis in his right shoulder that he thought only amputation would bring relief! This all changed after Mr. Carr visited

Dr. David Steenblock

who prescribed a 5 day series of IVs with DMSO (


). Long story short:

His pain from Arthritis Disappeared for 10 years!

Some of his pain returned but was quickly dispatched by another round of DMSO IVs (Keeping Mr. Carr pain free for another 10 years). Later on Mr. Carr developed some arthritic symptoms in his hands which is being treated in this video with – yep – a series of DMSO IVs:


DMSO is but one of many powerful treatments being used by Dr. Steenblock to turn the table on


including a money-back guaranteed procedure in which patients receive their own stem cell-rich bone marrow!

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