Stem Cells and Skin Care

The value of an oral stem cell mobilizing agent such as Stemgevity(tm) to skin care is unknown but there is some room for informed speculation. One primary way in which this all-natural product could be useful lies in what it could do to help support & bolster new (deep) skin layer building processes set in motion when folks do home glycolic acid skin peels or go to a skin care professional for laser or other powerful treatments for aging and photodamaged skin. Whenever the skin is damaged — whether accidentally or as the result of a chemical or laser peel or such —

bone marrow stem cells

are attracted to the inflamed tissues (This includes Very Small Embryonic-Like or VESL stem cells as well as mesenchymals mobilized by Stemgevity(tm).) Some of these

stem cells

should then transform into various skin cell types that help make new tissues, collagen, etc. This link is to a paper that amply illustrates this principle:

. The end result should be firmer, more youthful skin tissue. Those interested in adding Stemgevity(tm) to their home skin care routine can easily order it by phoning