EDTA chelation therapy

only reduces elevated metal levels in the human body? Think again! Despite the popular opinion of the world of western medicine, there exists literally hundreds of scientific studies promoting the use of


for not only

heavy metal toxicity

, but a plethora of other health benefits (500+

Chelation Studies

, n.d.). Some of them include:


effects through increased NO (nitric oxide) levels that relaxes blood vessels and also triggers

stem cells

‘ differentiation; resuscitates cell’s mitochondria resulting in the production of more ATP and overall more energy; cosmetic changes such as more lustrous hair, added eye sparkle, stronger unsplit nails, better skin color, texture and tone, fewer visible wrinkles, lightened age spots, and overall a more youthful appearance; improved taste, hearing, and vision; helps to prevent or reverse


(hardening of the arteries) by reducing the free radical generating

toxic metals

and stimulating parathyroid hormone (PTH) activity, resulting in the removal of calcium and

plaque buildup

; rejuvenates the whole

cardiovascular system

through the aforementioned mechanisms; reduces the damaging effects of

EMP (electro-magnetic field)

as this radiation is more destructive the higher the metal levels are in the body; elevates the effectiveness of antibiotics, as well as provide its own antibiotic effects through its ability to disrupt bacterial biofilms; strong


effect due to the interaction between



toxic heavy metals

; restores the healthy, normal distribution of essential nutritional minerals and

metallic elements

(chromium, cobalt, zinc, etc.) within cells; rebalances


because without the proper distribution and right amount of minerals (blocked also by the accumulation of toxic metals),


are useless, enzymes cannot function properly and certain hormones become out of balance; important before any stem cell treatment to detoxify bone marrow, stem cells, and target organs; helps relieve symptoms of

Alzheimer’s Disease



(Get the most out of


, n.d., para. 1-20), (Cranton, E.M., 2013)…the list goes on! So, next time you’re in to see your doctor, you might want to check into this amazing therapy. There are few contraindications, few side effects when done properly, and the benefits might just be “what the doctor ordered” for you!

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-Gina Teffeteller, RN