The prior weekend I went to the

Restorative Medicine Conference held in San Diego

for an update as to what new thoughts there are in

Integrative Medicine with regard to Hormone Balancing


Dr’s Braunstein



gave particularly interesting talks about treating


related issues. Dr. Braunstein cited all the literature and the current testing methods available to point to the fact that the United States – as a Country – is generally deficient in Iodine. Iodine is necessary for


Hormone production, and also provides some ‘protection’ against aggressive Breast Disease. Interesting . . . with all the ‘PINK RIBBONS’ floating around, I have never once heard anyone in traditional Medicine speak of the importance of


/ Iodide in the relationship to Breast Disease.

As well, the counterpart to the Thyroid in the body’s regulation of energy levels is the

Adrenal Gland

, as they compensate for one another with regularity – i.e. a deficiency in one will be compensated for by the function of the other, etc. However, the Adrenal Gland is very much under appreciated and under diagnosed/treated when dysfunction arises. All too often it is missed – as it is just not thought of. There are a variety of methods of looking at the

Adrenal Gland Hormones



– from a ‘timed’ blood draw, to a 4 part saliva test to look at Cortisol levels in a 24 hour time frame. Looking at Neurotransmitters with a simple Urine Test (as the Adrenal Gland is actually connected and transmits messages via Neurotransmitters – just like the Nervous System) can indicate areas of dysfunction related to

Chronic Pain

, Depression, Chronic Fatigue, etc.

As in everything in this life – ‘BALANCE’ is what is important. So many people are walking around fatigued and out of sorts – when some simple (previously undone) testing can get to the root of (or at least in part address) so many functional problems. The tests are simple, and painless.

Integrative and Restorative Medicine

has come a long way in the ability to detect things with simple tests – and finding the problem is the key to Restoring the body back to ‘BALANCE’ – using Nutrition, Herbs, Minerals, and

Bio-Identical Hormone

replacement to get the job done.