Mobilizing stem cells, making new ones

Your body harbors

stem cells

in its tissues that help maintain and repair them. Your bone marrow, in fact, is a major source of stem cells that circulate in your body and help repair and restore diseased, injured and aged tissues. Unfortunately, these stem cells may not be able to keep pace with injuries or various medical conditions, especially when the numbers of

stem cells

that can be marshaled are insufficient to get the job done or the cells that are mobilized are devitalized or sluggish.

The question naturally arises: What can be done to remedy this situation? Here is what you can do:

You can take a stem cell mobilizer. This will not only get more stem cells “on the job” but also purge out old, devitalized stem cells from your bone marrow (The body will then go to work and replace these with new more vibrant ones.) One of the most effective all natural stem cell mobilization products is “Stemgevity(tm),” created by

Dr. David Steenblock

. Laboratory tests done on blood drawn from people before and after using Stemgevity(tm) showed that the numbers of very small embryonic-like stem cells (VSEL) increased by an average of 300%! Stemgevity(tm) is available on-line at

and can be ordered by phone by calling toll free