We had a 55 Year old Male in the office a few months ago that had previously developed problems with his


– after a

Heart attack

, he developed a ‘Rhythm’ problem (

Atrial Fibrillation

) with his Heart as well, and as a result of the new issue he created a blood clot in his heart that went up into the Left side of his Brain, causing an

Ischemic Stroke

. He now had 3 Major problems to deal with – his previous

Heart Attack

, the

Heart Rhythm Problem


Atrial Fibrillation

– he is now on Coumadin), and then the


which left him with some Right Sided weakness, most profoundly in his Right Arm which was rendered essentially useless to him.

After getting nowhere further in Physical Rehabilitation, a couple of years later he called our office with the hope that

Stem Cell Therapy

could help him. He fatigued easily, had no function of his Right Arm and had problems with his Right Leg ‘weakness’. Our workup showed that he also had a significant amount of

Heavy Metals

which he was able to


(taking some oral capsules to purge his body of the

Heavy Metals

), and some significant problems with his GI tract. The

GI problems

would affect his absorption and would definitely create problems with the Stem Cells if we had just given them to him. Instead, we placed him on a low Carbohydrate diet, some


, and an oral Anti-Fungal prescription.

He came to the office hopeful – and we performed an

Autologous (self) Bone Marrow Stem Cell Transplant

with him. He went home and diligently worked in therapy. I had spoken to his wife today – and she said that he made great progress in his stamina, and his Right Arm has made great strides with movement and strength. Motion at the wrist / hand was greatly improved, but there is still residual weakness in the movement / grip of his fingers. He’d made tremendous progress!

He will continue with therapy (which he had failed BEFORE the

Stem Cell Transplant)

to work on his Arm and Leg. He is continuing with the


(to stimulate further Stem Cell production) and the


. Once he ceases to make further progress, we may again pursue further

BMSCT therapy

– as it has given him so much hope and progress.

It’s stories like this that are so ‘heartening’, for someone to work so hard and make progress after being told

“. . . nothing further can be done . . .” he now looks forward to the years ahead and have a better QUALITY of life in the future.