Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

works just as its name implies,


meaning more of,


meaning pressure and


. Treatment involves simply breathing up to

100% oxygen

while inside a chamber which is pressurized to a pressure above one atmosphere. The treatment is so simple patients from all ages are eligible and most either relax and watch TV or take a nap during treatment!

By breathing


under pressure your body absorbs it at a rate unequivocal to breathing O2 at just ambient room pressure, you literally become saturated with O2, one of the mechanisms of this occurs by the oxygen not needing


(an iron binding compound within blood that transports O2) to transport it through the body and it is dissolved directly into the blood plasma this effect has only been observed breathing O2 under pressure.

In America we have just barely utilized this amazing modality in a medical setting with only fourteen accepted indications for


. Other countries for example Russia currently have over sixty accepted indications for


. Unfortunately if you are a patient with a condition other than the fourteen indications your use of HBOT is considered off-label and you are obliged to pay out of pocket for your treatment.

One of these off-label areas that has seen a remarkable improvement is

Developmental Delay

in children especially


. Countless children with autism spectrum disorder (


) have seen life changing improvements in as little as month’s worth of treatment. Studies in this field showed positive results in physiology, behavioral, as well as cognitive. It works on by treating the entire body and affects many different issues these kids have. With ASD most children have been burdened with a toxic load of mercury and or lead.


is a powerful antioxidant and helps the body to clear out all these toxins out of the body and even the brain. Most


children suffer with chronic fungal and or bacterial infections and


helps knock these out because HBOT is




. HBOT has also shown to promote


(formation of nervous tissues) and produce new brain cells, which was previously thought impossible.

There are so many benefits it would be impossible to list them all in this article so I will leave you a testimonial from one of our patients parents, ”

Our son Luke is high functioning and just completed his 27


treatment this morning. Luke participates in an ABA program at home and has a shadow at preschool. What I have noticed since starting his therapy is that all four of Luke’s therapists have reported that Luke’s behaviors have diminished significantly and he is more compliant. My husband and I believe the HBOT therapy has helped Luke increase his speech and language skills. We plan to complete 40 treatments as recommended